State of Social // The Video Version

Influence. Innovation. Behaviour.

//This was State of Social.

State of Social – covering 3 of the hottest topics the industry is currently facing, we will exchange insights relating to innovations and trends in social media and digital marketing.

Our inaugural event was a mix of industry peers, entrepreneurs, consultants and businesses who engage in social media in their marketing strategy.

We had some insightful topics such as;

  • The importance of using micro influencers to leverage your brand
  • Getting creativity right to improve performance
  • The fundamental drivers of human behaviour
  • How to change human behaviour
  • The rise of AI in the marketing landscape
  • utilising messaging to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients.

We had some pretty amazing keynote speakers.

  • Nick Randall delivered an in-depth look at the role of influence in today’s digital marketing landscape.“Right now is a great time to be working with influencer marketing. This is where we see audience influence coming out of the darkness in terms of innovation”
  • Adam Ferrier talked about consumer behaviour in today’s digital marketing landscape.“If you ask the consumer what they wanted from your brand, they’d ask you to stay away. They don’t want you in their life. They want to be left alone,”
  • James Gilbert discussed speed, convenience and the rise of AI in today’s sales and marketing.“There’s a focus especially on live chat, where you could be chatting to a travel agent and then have to jump in your Uber, so you transfer from the chat on your laptop to the mobile app and continue the conversation.”