30 Stats About Social Media Use In Australia

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Social media use has increasingly grown in the past couple of decades.

Gone are the days were you would talk to your best friend for hours after school on MSN, when flip phones were all the rage, and if you clicked “website browser” you had to repeatedly smash the cancel key before your parents started screaming at you for wasting precious data.

Nowadays people are glued to their smartphone where you can look up anything in seconds, Facetime a relative overseas, and forever swipe right on Tinder. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and for many, it’d be near on impossible to give it up!

Here is a list of 30 interesting stats of social media use on Australians in 2018.

  1. Facebook messenger is the most downloaded messenger app.
  2. Youtube is the most visited social media website.
  3. There are 17 million active social media accounts set in Australia.
  4. 15 million of these people communicate through social media on a mobile.
  5. The number of social media accounts has grown 6% from last year.
  6. 70% of all social media accounts are Facebook accounts.
  7. Australians are on social media for 1 hour and 39 minutes on average per day.
  8. The number of active social media users on mobile has grown 7% from last year.
  9. 60% of people watch videos every day whilst 22% of people watch videos at least once a week.
  10. 18-24year olds have more Facebook accounts than any other generation with 9 million monthly active users.
  11. There are 8 million Instagram user accounts in Australia – 36% of the Australian population that has an Instagram account.
  12. 57% of these Instagram users are female and 43% of these Instagram users are male.
  13. When it comes to engagement rates;
    • 5.15% is the average engagement rate of Facebook posts with videos.
    • 3.83% is the average engagement rate of Facebook posts with photos.
    • 3.94% is the average engagement rate of Facebook status updates.
    • 3.70% is the average engagement rate of total Facebook posts.
  14. 54.2% of social media pages are using paid ads.
  15. 51% of people in Australia take photos or videos on their phone and upload them to social media regularly.
  16. 16% of people in Australia discover products through social media.
  17. Facebook Messenger is the most active social media app, with 49% of users active.
  18. Facebook holds the ranking as the most visited social media channel in Australia with 150 million visits a month.
  19. There is a 6% change in Facebook users over the last year from Australia.
  20. 88% of active Facebook accounts have downloaded the Facebook app
  21. 52% of Facebook profiles are male while 48% are female.
  22. The average time per visit for Instagram’s website is 5 minutes and 23 seconds.
  23. The average amount of pages that YouTube users click on is 4.79 per visit.
  24. 54% of people prefer to use a smartphone when accessing a social media network while 46% of people prefer a computer.
  25. On Facebook the average monthly change in page likes is up 0.24%.
  26. 57% of Australians use mobile messengers.
  27. 48% of users watch videos from YouTube on mobile.
  28. WhatsApp is the fourth most downloaded social media app behind Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.
  29. Every time someone likes your Facebook post, there is a 20.8% chance their friends have seen your post pop up on their newsfeed.
  30. Your posts are 40.7% more likely to be seen if you use sponsored ads on social media.

This post is based on the findings from We Are Social’s Digital Oceania Report published in January 2018.

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