50 Must-Know Australian Social Media Facts for 2016

SMPerth // 15th August 2016

To ensure you know who’s who in the social media zoo, here are 50 must-know Australian social media facts for 2016:

  1. Nearly three quarters of Australians are now on social media! Penetration is flat at 69% of Australians, but those on social media are using it more frequently.
  2. Australians spend more than half a day per week (12.5 hours) on Facebook alone, a significant increase from four hours last year!
  3. 50% of Australian social media users check social networks daily.
  4. Over 25% of Australian social media users check their social networks more than five times per day.
  5. Facebook continues to hold the title as Australia’s top social platform.
  6. As of June 2016, Facebook has held steady with 15 million Australian users.
  7. 6.6 million Australian Facebook users are male. (47%)
  8. 7.5 million Australian Facebook users are female. (53%)
  9. Women aged 25-34 are the largest demographic of Australian Facebook users with 1.9 million active users.
  10. The smallest demographic on the platform are men aged 65+, of which there are only 410,000 active users.
  11. New South Wales accounts for the largest demographic of users by State, with 4.5million active users.
  12. Western Australia comes in fourth with 1.5 million active users.
  13. There are 8 billion video views on Facebook every day.
  14. Facebook native videos receive almost 70% more reach and double the engagement of YouTube links.
  15. 65% of brand video posts are now using Facebook native video.
  16. Most Liked brands on Facebook as of June 2016: Yellow Tail, McDonalds and Lorna Jane.
  17. YouTube is the country’s second favourite social platform and recorded an impressive 14.35 million unique Australian visitors in the month of June.
  18. WordPress is Australia’s favourite blogging platform with 5.55 million visitors.
  19. Instagram recorded 5 million monthly, active Australian users.
  20. 97% of engagement on Instagram are Likes.
  21. 92% of all Instagram posts are photos.
  22. Instagram and Snapchat are Australia’s top two, fastest growing social networks.
  23. 72% of marketers in Australia are interested in investing ad budget on Instagram in 2016.
  24. Twitter clocked approximately 2.8 million monthly, active Australian users.
  25. 80% of Twitter users are accessing the platform on mobile devices.
  26. Twitter’s penetration ranks behind the other networks, however, people on Twitter use it the most frequently of any platform (35 times/week versus 32 times/week for Facebook).
  27. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images.
  28. LinkedIn has 3.5 million users, with potential to climb thanks to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the platform for $26.2 billion USD. Watch this space!
  29. LinkedIn also recently announced that it has 433 million members worldwide, of which only 105 million members visit the site each month – only a quarter!
  30. Snapchat has approximately 2 million monthly, active Australian users.
  31. 22% of senior marketers in Australia plan to dedicate some advertising spend to Snapchat in 2016.
  32. WhatsApp recorded 2.4 million active, Australian users.
  33. Tinder has approximately 2 million Australian users.
  34. TripAdvisor: 2.35 million Australian users.
  35. Yelp: 1.6 million Australian users.
  36. Tumblr: 4.3 million Australian users.
  37. Pinterest: 290,000 Australian users.
  38. Periscope: 10,000 Australian users.
  39. The average number of friends/contacts on each of the platforms is Facebook: 272, Twitter: 257, Instagram: 234, LinkedIn: 131 and Google Plus: 43. An average total of 403 across all five platforms.
  40. The main reason people are on social media is to stay in contact and catch up with family and friends.
  41. Approximately 40% of Australian users are on social media while watching TV. The 40-49-year-old demographic do this most.
  42. 14% of Australian users use social media to research a product before they purchase it. Most popular products include: travel, clothing and electrical equipment.
  43. 56% of large Australian businesses have a social media presence, but only 46% of them advertise on social media!
  44. 32% of medium enterprises in Australia have a social media presence, and 32% advertise on social media.
  45. 70% of Australians access social media via a smart phone.
  46. 52% of Australians access social media via a laptop.
  47. 28% of Australians access social media via a desktop.
  48. Content with images get 94% more views than content without.
  49. Content with colour images increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.
  50. Infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more than any other type of content.
2016 Sensis Report
 for June 2016.

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