Instagram Marketing for Business // All the Resources

Instagram currently has 900 million, active monthly users. Huge!

We have compiled the very best Instagram marketing resources to make sure you are telling your visual story to the best of your abilities.

Here you can find information on Instagram resources, how to guides, tools/statistics, and top monthly users.


Getting Started



Instagram Marketing Tools


  • Instagram Ads // Getting Started – In this post we will show you how to get started and how you can better reach your business goals through the powerful visual platform.
  • Instagram Ads // Ads Manager – Let’s go through the steps for setting up your campaign and creating ads for Instagram using Ads Manager.


Instagram Stories


  • Getting Started with IGTV – Earlier this year Instagram launched IGTV. – a new app that allows users to watch long-form, vertical video from all your favourite Instagram stars.
  • How to Share an IGTV video – While there are multiple ways to do it, sharing an IGTV video is a simple process that anyone can do.  
  • Change the channel and tune into IGTV – IGTV offers long-form, immersive video for the first time. Say goodbye to the one-minute time limit, rotate that screen, and tune in.

Instagram Marketing Templates & Downloads


If you’re totally up to date with Instagram, check out some of our Snapchat Marketing Resources or if the yearn to learn is strong, our Instagram Masterclass could be perfect.