The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Facebook is intending to spend up to $1 billion in the next year on original video content.

Does this mean social media and Hollywood are set for a catastrophic evolution, where only the strong will survive?

Selena says 'Don't be mad at your fans...they were there for you before anyone,' and she's right. You've grinded my gears, Justin. It's rant time. Time for a lesson in social media.

Facebook now suggests who we should be friends with, how we should organise them and when we should get together. What's next?

They say ‘the caged bird does not sing’. Twitter has set itself free from Facebook, Instagram etc. by re-categorising itself as a News app. Why, oh why?

Facebook often causes a stir whenever it changes something or introduces new features, but one thing that pretty much everyone in my News Feed loves is the On This Day feature.

Who would have thought it was only a few weeks ago Facebook clicked the biggest Surprised face of all and unleashed Reactions on the world?

The world as we know it changed. Facebook has unleashed its new Reactions feature on us all, so now everyone can instantly respond to posts with an array of emotions in place of the iconic thumbs up.

Twitter is the social network everyone knows about, the one that many have tried, but only a few truly get.

If I gave you the chance to go skydiving right now, free of charge, but you weren’t allowed to share the story with anyone, would you do it?