5 podcasts we can’t stop talking about [VIDEO]

Digital Marketing moves fast, so fast in fact that it can be hard to keep up!

The daily grind can make it easy to get left behind but lucky for you, we have the solution – 5 podcasts (5 awesome podcasts!)

Did you know that 22% of Australians aged 12 – 54 years listen to podcasts monthly? In 2017, Mamamia’s podcast portfolio increased by a crazy 306% and hit approximately 40 million downloads! It’s clear that podcasts are exploding in popularity and provide a wealth of knowledge if you know where to look.

We cover all bases –  Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner, The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon and much more. To see the full list you will have to check out the video.

If you have an iPhone you can listen to podcasts through the iTunes store. Spotify is a great way to stream podcasts if you are a Samsung user.

Here are our top five podcasts that we can’t stop talking about. Subscribe to these tech gems for the on-the-go, actionable advice that takes the hard work out of keeping up!