The Pinterest Statistics That Matter To Your Business

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Pinterest has steadily been evolving into a social media giant in recent years.

What began as a digital representation of a mood board/whiteboard/notepad has grown into one of the most powerful shopping platforms in the world.

There are now 250 million active users on Pinterest; this number alone tells us that we should be developing a marketing strategy around this powerful search engine.

If you still aren’t sold on Pinterest, we have compiled a list of some key Pinterest statistics that may give you an idea on how popular the social media platform has become and how it may help your business.

Active Users

Pinterest’s growth has exploded by 100 million active users in less than 2 years!

  • 250 million active users – May 2018
  • 200 million active users – September 2017
  • 175 million active users – May 2017
  • 150 million active users – December 2016

These figures are massive for what started off as a basic website almost 9 years ago!

Things to Know

  • Pinterest has added another 50 million users since September, which means the platform is now gaining 25 million new users on average every four months.
  • Pinterest’s overall 250 million users in total is still behind the social media leaders in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but it is not completely out of the picture.
  • The growth rate is continuously growing with 75 million active users joining the platform within the last year. The platform is trying to shift its business plan and evolve from just a social media platform to a major focus on e-Commerce.
  • 90% of weekly active users access the app to make purchase decisions. Targeting shopping opportunities has led to Pinterest becoming a better platform for people to have many options for the products they are thinking about purchasing.
  • 78% of active users say multimedia content from brands on the platform is helpful in purchase decisions.
  • Pinterest brought in $473 million in revenue in 2017 in a heavily competitive market.
  • The revenue brought in from last year represents 58% revenue growth from 2016.
  • More than 600 million visual searches are now conducted in the app each month, making it one of the leading social media platforms that focus on multimedia sharing.

Pinterest Demographics

  • Females account for 81% of Pinterest users
  • Men using Pinterest is likely to increase, 40% of new signups are men; 60% are women
  • The Median age of a Pinterest user is 40, but most active pinners are below 40
  • America loves Pinterest! 60% of all Pinterest users are from the US

Interesting Facts

  • You can find more than 75 million ideas on Pinterest
  • 80% of Pinterest users access the platform on their mobile phone
  • The most popular categories for men are Technology and Food & Drink
  • You will find more than 1.7 billion recipes on Pinterest
  • Pinterest helps shoppers decide what to buy; 87% of users have purchased a product because of Pinterest
  • 14.2 minutes is the average time spent on each Pinterest visit
  • More than 2 billion monthly searches!

Pinterest has become widely used as a search engine

The launch of Pinterest’s visual search tool in 2015 has made Pinterest a popular discovery platform. Pinterest lets you tap the search tool in the corner, then select the area of the pin you’re interested in. They will show you pins just like it, or similar. You can filter your results to find exactly what it is you’re after.

  • 39% of female Pinterest users are choosing this method over Google searches, compared to 48% of male users
  • Visual searches increased by more than 140% in 2018
  • 600 million visual searches are completed every month
  • 97% of searches are unbranded, which is great news for small businesses!

Pinterest Search Tool

So how to use Pinterest to your advantage?

Pinterest is not as big as the other social media giants – Facebook and Instagram, but it is growing quickly! With Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool increasing in popularity, there is a great opportunity to generate sales by getting your products in front of a highly targeted audience that is looking to make purchases.

So before you completely write Pinterest off, maybe these statistics will make you rethink how you will be able to fit it into your digital marketing strategy.


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