50 Stats for Instagram in 2019

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Lately it seems everyone and everything is #instafamous #instagoals or #doingitforthegram.

An ‘Instagram Husband’ or #boyfriendsofinstagram is now a thing and we spend more time photographing our food than we do actually eating it.

Worst of all, there are even videos on YouTube about how to take the perfect selfie (or you could pull a Kim Kardashian and compile an entire novel of selfies) But keep down there’s no denying we all secretly love a good #instastalk.

While we’re still not sure whether Instagram makes us feel good or bad about ourselves (#bodygoals, #vacationgoals #brunchgoals; I can’t keep up) what we do know; is that the Gram isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

So, here’s our top 50 stats for Instagram in 2019.

1. It’s expected that there will be around 33 million sponsored influencer posts in 2019.
2. 36% of Australians use Instagram.
3. Over 60% of users log into Instagram every single day.
4. Pizza is the most Instagrammed food globally, closely followed by sushi and steak.
5. Instagram generates 4.2 billion likes daily.
6. 90% of Instagram users are under 35.
7. 50% of comments are made within the first 6 hours of posting.
8. More than 100 million people watch or share on the ‘Live’ feature every day.
9. The most common filter? Clarendon. (I still prefer Lark and Juno, or Mayfair if you want to look #sunkissed)
10. A huge 70% of posts don’t get seen!

This logo design seems like a forever ago…. #tbt

11. Instagram isn’t even seven years old yet.
12. The most followed person on Instagram? Selena Gomez, with a casual 143 million followers.
13. Sponsored videos 3 times more likes than sponsored photos.
14. 70% of users search for brands on Instagram.
15. Photos make up over 91% of Instagram posts.
16. In Australia, 57% of women and 43% of men use Instagram. (#yeahthegirls)
17. The average number of followers for a brand on Instagram is 1 million.
18. 25% of ads on Instagram ads are single videos.
19. 50% of captions and comments contain emojis.
20. The top used emojis on Instagram are:

21. Every month there are 16.6 million Google searches for Instagram.
22. Posts with a location tag get 79% more engagement. (Perth IS apparently okay)
23. Instagram mobile advertising revenue was around $7 billion dollars in 2018 (Imagine this time next year?!)
24. 30% of users say they have bought a product they have seen on Instagram.
25. #love is the most used hashtag.
26. 80% of influencers prefer to use Instagram for brand collaborations.
27. 1 in 4 ads on Instagram are videos.
28. Users engage more with content on weekdays.
29. There are over 95 million photo posts daily.
30. Kylie Jenner holds the title for the most liked photo on Instagram, uploading this when daughter Stormi was born in February. Just around 18 million likes, nothing major.

31. 80% of people follow at least one brand on Instagram.
32. The average Instagram caption is 138 characters long.
33. There are nearly 9 million monthly active users in Australia alone.
34. The ideal number of hashtags per post? 11.
35. 98% of fashion brands use Instagram.
36. Japanese users make up 27% of all engagement on Instagram.
37. Instagram stories have 400 million daily users.
38. Images with more background space (negative or white) get 29% more likes than those without it.
39. 65% of top performing posts feature a product.
40. The first ever upload to Instagram was in October 2010 by co-founder, Kevin Systrom. (I wonder what he posted? A selfie?)

41. 30 million accounts on Instagram are businesses.
42. Instagram has approximately 500 million active daily users.
43. Top brands on Instagram have an engagement rate of 4.21%.
44. Lower saturated images get 18% more likes.
45. Instagram as a company has a net worth of around $100 billion.
46. 58% of brands have created at least one Instagram story.
47. Instagram was initially called Codename but was changed before launching.
48. 70% of the most used hashtags are branded.
49. Photos with faces get 38% more likes. (Selfies all day, every day)
50. 8% of all Instagram accounts are fake spam ‘bots’.

And there you have it. While some of us do love the Gram and need our daily fix, others haven’t quite yet jumped on the bandwagon. Why? Check this out.

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